Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scrapbook Magazines

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Today i'm going to talk to you about Scrapbook Magazines. I don't know about you, but for me this puts a HUGE hole in my scrap budget, and it really doesn't need to. So, i'm going to give you some tips today that i'm setting up as 'rules' for myself!

Which magazine is your FAVOURITE scrap magazine? Thought of it? Good. Go on their website right now and do a few things:
1. Subscribe!! I know what you're thinking - i'm trying to save money, so how does spending $50 or so save me money? Because you are getting your favourite magazine delivered to your home for a HUGE saving each month. Some magazines which are $10 in store come down to about $6 when you subscribe.
2. Join the forum. Most magazines have really great websites with fantastic forums where you can get superb tips and view pages done by lots of other scrappers for free!!
3. Join the mailing list. Joining the mailing list will help you keep in touch with what's coming up in the magazine. If you aren't a subscriber, you will know what is in upcoming issues before they hit the newsagents, so you'll know to avoid the newsagent when you don't need to buy one - i seem to go into a newsagent 'just to have a look' at what the latest magazines are. If you already know, you won't be tempted to go in, and therefore buy magazines on a whim!!

Scrapbook magazines are expensive. There is no denying it. But this is one area that i really do encourage you to spend. If we don't support the scrapbook magazine industry, it will die - which means no more getting your work published, or seeing your friends work published; no more printed inspiration that you can hang onto and take with you to a crop etc. We've seen a few Australian scrap magazines change completely or disappear in the last few years. This is because people don't want to buy them because they are expensive!!! If you believe in a magazine being published, then please subscribe or purchase regularly.

There are new magazines coming out all the time too. Get in on this because they are often a great source of fresh inspiration, and once again it's great to support them. They usually have new subscription rates which are really competitive too!!

When you do subscribe, don't fall into the trap of getting a subscription with a 'free' gift. THere is usually an alternate subscription which is just the magazine itself and is miles cheaper. The free gift that you are getting is often something that you wouldn't have bought anyway, and there is NOTHING free about it.

Scrapbook magazines are also available at your local library!!! If you really can't afford to subscribe or buy magazines, check out your local library. Most magazines are available for viewing there. The current magazine will only be available for viewing within the library, but back issues are usually available for borrowing. Give yoruself an hour or two to go in and look through the current magazines - take a notebook and write down ideas, sketch anything you want to 'scraplift' etc.

But i want to enter competitions!! Most competitions are submitted online these days anyway. You generally don't have to cut soemthign out of the magazine to enter, so you don't have to have the magazine. Websites have the competition lists so you can keep up to date too.

Submit, submit, submit!!! I know it's frustrating getting those 'you have not been selected' replies, but the only way that you will get published is by sending your stuff in again and again and again. You can follow the current submission lists, or just send in whatever you have been working on that you love. Make sure you check out what they advise you to do to submit your work because some of them can be pretty picky.

Here's a list of current submission contacts:

Scrapbooking Memories
Send to /
Currently seeking the following pages (due 15th December):
- Fabulous Friends
- Babies
- Domestic Bliss
- Caught on Camera (Candid Shots)

Scrapbook Creations
Send to

Scrapbook Trends Magazine
Note: They prefer you to send a separate email for each submission
Currently seeking the following pages (due 27th December):
- Cards for dad
- Digital/Hybrid
- Father's Day
- Girls
- Mini Albums
- Punches
- Weddings
- Real Life: The Other Hobby
- How to: Jewels
- Challenge: Who inspires you?
- Showcase: Layouts that don't fit into other categories

Creating Keepsakes

I'm actually going to put all of this in a sidebar on this blog so you can always access it. I'll try and remember to update it when new stuff is available :)

Current Subscription Deals

Scrapbooking Memories -
7 issues $49 (25% discount)
13 issues $89 (35% discount)
26 issues $142 (45% discount)
Scrapbooking Memories -
7 issues $49 (30% discount)
13 issues $68.25 (47% discount)
26 issues $142 (45% discount)

Creating Keepsakes - or
4 issues $30 (25% discount)
8 issues $52 (35% discount)
16 issues $88 (45% discount)
Creating Keepsakes -

Scrapbook Creations -
10 issues $55 (45% discount)
Scrapbook Creations -
12 issues $75 (37% discount)
24 issues $144 (39% discount)

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