Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ribbons & Buttons

Here's a quick tip my mum gave me - you know when you buy clothing and they have ribbons attached to the shoulders etc. for hanging purposes? You always cut them off and throw them out right? Why don't you keep them and use them in your scrapbooking? Sure, they are boring but they are always nice and thin - and that can be hard to come by!!! You could even use it for stitching instead of thread!!! And they are usually unusual colours too, so that's an extra bonus!

While i'm on the topic of clothing - you can also use the extra buttons that they give you with clothing in your scrapping! Again, they are boring and plain, but they are usually great quality and can add that certain extra touch that you need sometimes!

Kids clothing can be a great source of unusual buttons and embroidered elements so never throw a worn item out - reuse it in your scrapping!! I did this recently on a page about my son:


Calvin had worn through the toes on this inter onesie, and i was going to throw it out, but then i noticed that cute helicopter and decided that i just HAD to use it in my scrapping!!!! I then also used the zipper too, which is a pretty cool element if you ask me!!!

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