Friday, November 25, 2011

Time to Clean Up!

Do you find that you have WAY TOO MUCH when it comes to scrap supplies? I know that i have enough supplies to last me a lifetime and then some, but i still *need* the latest and greatest! Have you ever thought of getting rid of some of your gear? There's lots of ways to do this, but here's just a few i've thought of:

 Selling stuff on ebay couldn't be easier - take a photo, write a description and sit back and wait. On ebay these days you can list up to 30 items at 99c starting price for free - so if they don't sell, you haven't lost out! You just pay a very small percentage of your sale amount once the sale is finalised!!! It's a good idea to package stuff into bundles. You could do so in:
  • Colours
  • Manufacturers
  • Themes
  • Product type etc.
Another idea is to do random pizza boxes full of items

There are heaps of pages on Facebook at the moment, dedicated to selling and/or swapping goods. The beauty of this is that you can ask a price and negotiate without committing to anything final. This could be a negative though, too. You can list things in a similar way to ebay, and even sell your own hand-made goods! You can even set up your own sale page on Facebook if you have heaps to sell and don't want to go through a page like Aussie Scrappers Garage Sale

To get started cleaning up, just start taking out things that you know you don't want to use any more. Then after that, things will get a little harder as you will have lots of things that you really love but you're not sure if you will use it. Just sort through it as well as you can and you'll get there. You don't have to list it all at once, but you might sell more if you do - since buyers will like to combine postage, and will be more likely to buy more than one item that way. 

The best thing about selling your stuff that you're not using, is that you will make money back on it. It won't be what you paid for it, but it's better to get rid of it so that your gear isn't so cluttered and have a little bit of spending money. You'll be able to refresh your stash with a few key things - or even buy an album or something that you've been really wanting for a while!

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